Sauer Quarter Horses


My Mares, the heart & soul of my program - 

I have a few select mares that are most of all kind, gentle and nurturing with natural athletic ability, good bone and great minds. These are solid, foundation bred mares that have proven to out produce themselves. All of my mares are AQHA 5 panel tested and are saddle horses prior to becoming broodmares. "Quality beats Quantity!" 
2008 AQHA bay mare
AQHA 5 panel NN

A 15.1h tall GD of Red Roan Raider and Hancocks Double, she is a thick made, soggy mare with a deep heart girth and short cannon bones. Cowy and quick!

Percentages -
 41% Hancocks Double
 31% Lowry Boy 36
 25% Red Roan Raider
 19% Joe Hancock
 15% Roan Hancock
 14% Buck Hancock
 13% Roan Ambrose
 13% Heart Hancock
 11% John Wilkens

RW Miss Kid Hancock  (Reference mare) sold

2000 bay roan mare

AQHA 5 panel NN

A 15h tall double bred GGD of Quarter Hancock. Her sire, Cibecue Hancock, was bred by Bud Rankin of Lodge Pole, NE.  This mare was purchased as a yearling by Hollis and Joanne Fuchs and spent the majority of her younger years on the Fuchs Ranch in Santa Rosa, NM as a rope horse until retiring to my breeding program. This mare now resides in Kansas and will continue to produce superb high percentage foals for the Maltbie family!
Percentages -
 31.25% Blue Boy Hancock
 28% Quarter Hancock
 25% Hancocks Double
 20% Lowry Boy 36
 16.4% Roan Hancock
 14% Lowry Hancock
 11% Joe Hancock  
 10% Eddie

RM Drifts Valentine reference mare (sold)

2003 red dun roan mare (color tested D/nd1)

AQHA 5 panel NN

A GD of Setumup Speedy with Quarter Hancock on her papers. This is a good sized mare at 15.3h with lots of speed and athletic ability. 


25% Salty Blue Hancock

25% Setumup Speedy

25% Kiblers Molly

12.5% Quarter Hancock

12.5% Speedy Man

12.5% Mr Roan Hancock

12.5% Peppy Sun Deck

10.5% Joe Hancock

9.38% Lowry Hancock

8% Driftwood

Driftys Teaser

2008 bay roan mare

AQHA 5 panel tested NN

A 15.2h tall mare bred by the Foth's, used on the Fuchs Ranch. She produces big boned, tall and gritty individuals that are excelling in roping.

Bloodline percentages -

25% Quarter Hancock

25% Speedy Bunky

12.5% Speedy Man

12.5% Lowry Hancock

12.5% Cleve

12.5% Quarters Kidaround

12.5% Joak

10.16% Joe Hancock

8% Driftwood

Hancocks Gila Kitty   (sold)

2016 bay roan filly

AQHA 5 panel NN

This young mare is quite special

She has gone blind in her right eye due to an unknown pasture injury to the eye, but isn't bothered by it and gets around very well  on large pasture just fine. She is making a wonderful broodmare in southern NM.   

Bloodline percentages -

25% Hancocks Blue Boy

23.4% Blue Boy Hancock

20% Quarter Hancock

13% Hancocks Double

13% Mr Roan Hancock

12% Joe Hancock 

11% Eddie