Sauer Quarter Horses



Quotes Congratulations on the purchase of what may be the best kept secret in the entire industry. For those who are unfamiliar with HBR and his progeny, I have yet to meet anyone who has a colt out of him that would not like 5 or 10 more just like them. His colts have tremendous disposition, easy to train, lots of cow and you can go any direction you want to off of them. Ride them every day or turn them out for months and when you get back on, you get the same horse every single time. If you are thinking about breeding to a top notch foundation quarter horse that goes right back to the great Hancocks Blue Boy, look no further than Rebel. One of the best bargains that you will ever make. Quotes
Derrel W.
HBR progeny owner

Quotes Bratcher Quarter Horses/Amy is the absolute best! I highly recommend her facility! Her ranch is extremely clean and well kept. Amy is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to help in any way she can. She is also honest about evaluations of horses when asked. I personally know that the horses in her care stand out compared to others in her area. I feel my horse is safe in her care and we will for sure be back! Quotes
Shelly in AZ
Out of state boarder

Quotes When I was young, in my 20s, I worked on Quarter Horse farms and then went on to TB farms. After that I went to the track and galloped horses for quite a few years until I got married. When I worked on the TB farms, we'd start about 30 colts a year. There were only 2 of us who rode the colts, so we got on a lot of horses every day. When I was at the track, I would get on between 3-10 horses a day. After all that is said, in my opinion, Sonny is one of the best looking, polite, intelligent, willing to please colts I've ever known. That is no exaggeration. He learns very quickly & remembers what he's been taught. I pony him a lot so that he gets his exercise. I took him down the Bosque & we followed trails through the trees, We cross bridges, embankments, pass cars & trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, he never bats an eye. I recommend your stallion to anyone one looking for good QH colts. Getting a colt from you sure beats going to the Clovis sales! Quotes
Robert S.
Customer & HBR progeny owner